Who Knew Working for a Big Corp could be Healthy?

The other week I went to my physician for a checkup and to my surprise I was the healthiest I had ever been. Blood Pressure, cholesterol, and weight were all down. The reason I make note of this is because over the last 8.5 months I began my career with IBM as a consultant and have been traveling for work. You have to admit it’s kind of ironic that one would get healthier with the life most consultants find themselves living.

Everyone is different and finding that healthy balance of work, exercise, as well as maintaining a diet that works best for you is key. I found my routine and even though it involves sacrifices such as waking up earlier to hit the gym or occasionally being teased for eating “rabbit food” the outcomes are worth it. By no means is my routine perfect and I am planning on making minor adjustments, but it works for me. Also remember it is important to reward yourself every once in a while, to maintain sanity.

Thanks for taking time to read my blog and hope everyone has a great rest of your week! Also Go Canes beat UVA.


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