A Year in Review (2016)



I realize that it has been a while since I did one of these but as the year comes to a close and I am reflecting on everything that has taken place in 2016, it seemed appropriate.
One of the main things that sticks out to me, even now being a consultant for about 3 years, is how much traveling I did this year. While travels have been for both work and leisure I certainly have gotten my miles in this year. To be more specific, I believe by year end the number will be around 150,000 miles.

Domestically alone (not counting car or train rides) my travels have taken me to Houston, Dallas, Atlantic City, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Utah (Park City), Miami, New York, Chicago, South Bend (Indiana), Philadelphia, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and I am sure I’m forgetting some. While I will admit some of these have just been through connections in the airport, 11 states and 14 cities is not too shabby.

Internationally I have experienced Paris (Nearly 2 months since Late August), London, Munich, Salzberg (Austria), & Brussels. While this may not seem impressive to most, considering my previous lack of international experience I am pretty proud of myself.

All of this traveling has given me a lot of time to reflect and get inside my own head. The 3 main things I came up with are:

1) How valuable time is with family, friends, & loved ones

2) My gratitude of the opportunity to increase the depth/breath of my life experiences

3) While it is important to care for others, make sure to not spread yourself too thin and take care of yourself

I think this quote probably sums up my year best and I would recommend you adhere by it. “The world is a book, & those who do not travel ready only a page.”


Have a great end to your year and Happy Holidays!


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