Florida Gators Chomped by their Marketing Team

Marketing can be great for a company or organization if you go about it the right way. Today most individuals have fallen in love with social media marketing and rightly so. What’s not to like about free advertising that spans globally, but you still must make sure that all aspects on your marketing plan are on point. Now I don’t want people to take this as a University of Miami alum bashing the University of Florida, but talk about making a major mistake this past week.

                As do most collegiate and professional sports teams, the Gators Football team released their yearly calendar that contains pictures of players. One of these pictures included none other than Aaron Hernandez. For those of you who don’t know who this is, he was a Tight End for both the University of Florida as well as the New England Patriots of the NFL at least until he was accused of being involved in two separate murders, with on-going trials.

                I understand that people make mistakes and that marketing is a little bit of an inexact science, even with the introduction of analytics, but how much more of a blatant blunder could this have been. The fanatics will most likely not stray from their allegiance to the team, but this is at least in my eyes is another blow to the reputation of the University of Florida and their football program.

                Just remember that marketing, whether it is through social media or tradition methods that there is a line and though it might be fuzzy, can definitely be crossed.

                Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Please feel free to let me know what you think!


Below is the link where you can find the calendar I refer to:



Special Ops: Social Media Tactics

Though many are becoming much more comfortable with social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others I would still consider it to be the Wild West. In an attempt to get some social media insights as it pertains to business and building your brand I went to a presentation by James Andrews otherwise known as @keyinfluencer on Twitter, hosted by The Launch Pad recently.

Mr. Andrews has an extremely interesting past including but not limited to working for Columbia Records, Ketchum, and being an entrepreneur. He has worked with clients such as The Grammy’s, Beats by Dre, Nike, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

During his presentation he spoke a lot about what he called the “meat of the lobster” otherwise known as the conservations that take place on social media. Tracking the conservations that are taking place on these platforms allows for brands to truly understand how their consumers sentiment. Social media also serves as a customer service platform for companies as they can attempt to solve the pain points of their customers.

Another point Mr. Andrews made sure to drive home was that brands must understand they can’t control what is being said on social media and this is the inherent beauty of it. This makes building a positive relationship with your customer that much more important. As we all know you are much more likely to tell a friend about a negative experience than a good one; in today’s world many of us expect things to go off without a hitch.

Finally, but possibly the most important topic that was covered is the strategy that is taken when launching a social media campaign. Mr. Andrews says, “he believes about 80% of marketers incorrectly begin with tactics as opposed to goals.” Just like any other aspect of life or business, how do you know if you are successful if you don’t truly know what you’re attempting to accomplish. Here are some steps that should be followed:

Business communication needs à Governance à Stakeholder participation à Objectives à Audience analysis à Social research à Content planning à Social capacity à Createà Monitor à Participate à Filter

Overall I found this event to be extremely insightful and worthwhile. I highly suggest everyone go follow @keyinfluencer (James Andrews) or at least go Google him. As well my Twitter handle is @SeanLGoldstein.


Have a great weekend and don’t forget to be yourself when it comes to social media, no one wants to interact with a robot!




East Coast Travels



So it has been a while since I’ve have blogged, but a lot has happened personally over the last few weeks. I’ve road tripped from White Plains, Ny to Casco, Maine back to Philadelphia. Only 3 days later I left for another road trip to Nashville, Tn and then flew to Miami.

As I went on those multiple different trips my cell phone became my link to the world. I used it for GPS, an alarm clock, news updates, social media, general entertainment, and various other uses. This trip allowed for me to really grasp all of the capabilities that our mobile devices have today. It wasn’t that long ago that there was no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, think back to the days of black and white screens while you played the game Snake. You must look no farther than Moore’s Law to see that technology will continue to make monumental strides and it is your job to stay with if not ahead of the curve. Laggards will be left behind and this is just the unfortunate truth.

Our mobile accessibility can also be a negative though as quite often we see individuals disengaged with what’s happening right in front of their face. I can’t count the number of times I seen groups of people at restaurants all on their phones texting and not speaking with each other. Admittedly I have been guilty of this before as well, but I am working to remedy it.

Just remember that though it is important to move with the times don’t forget to disengage from your device every once in a while and “smell the roses”.

Have a great Labor Day weekend & go Canes!

How to Yield Results From Blogs

WordPress is great for creating websites and blogs. Recently I created my own blog, “Behind the Facemask” and it has been an enjoyable experience. Blogging can be done for various different reasons, but this blog is for professional purposes. The question that always seems to come up when I suggest to someone that they start to use social media or blog for their profession is, how do I know if it is a success? People are extremely results driven in today’s society and want to know how they can be aware of benefits from participation, analytics are the answer.

One of the great things about WordPress is it allows you to track the impact you are having on the internet. WordPress allows you to see who is following you, which will give you an insight into the demographic that is interested in your content. As a result you can chose to make adjustments depending on your satisfaction of the viewing demographic. You are also able to see when an individual likes or reblogs your entries. These functions are very similar to favoriting and retweeting content on Twitter.

If you want to dig a little deeper into the analytical offerings of WordPress you have the ability to see the number of views and visitors that go to your content. This allows a true understanding of how many individuals are seeing your post. Generally we would rather have ten people view your content once than one person ten times. As well you can track “Clicks” which are outbound links that you have posted on your blog.

WordPress provides you the ability to track the geography of those who have viewed your post. This can allow for you to see which regions find certain topics most interesting and will allow you to better categorize your audience.

If you plan to link your blog to social media sights such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. you are in luck! WordPress also tracks the references of your visitors. Doing this lets you see, which social media is driving the most traffic to the blog and identify which pipeline needs to be reinforced or attacked differently. Worldpress will also allow you to connect to Klout, which is a tool specifically made to rate you social media influence with a tangible score.

Whether you are blogging for professional purposes or just for fun WordPress is a great website that will allow for you to analyze the traffic you are creating.