Florida Gators Chomped by their Marketing Team

Marketing can be great for a company or organization if you go about it the right way. Today most individuals have fallen in love with social media marketing and rightly so. What’s not to like about free advertising that spans globally, but you still must make sure that all aspects on your marketing plan are on point. Now I don’t want people to take this as a University of Miami alum bashing the University of Florida, but talk about making a major mistake this past week.

                As do most collegiate and professional sports teams, the Gators Football team released their yearly calendar that contains pictures of players. One of these pictures included none other than Aaron Hernandez. For those of you who don’t know who this is, he was a Tight End for both the University of Florida as well as the New England Patriots of the NFL at least until he was accused of being involved in two separate murders, with on-going trials.

                I understand that people make mistakes and that marketing is a little bit of an inexact science, even with the introduction of analytics, but how much more of a blatant blunder could this have been. The fanatics will most likely not stray from their allegiance to the team, but this is at least in my eyes is another blow to the reputation of the University of Florida and their football program.

                Just remember that marketing, whether it is through social media or tradition methods that there is a line and though it might be fuzzy, can definitely be crossed.

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Below is the link where you can find the calendar I refer to:



Protecting your investment: How to bend, but not break athletes

Today technological expenses in athletics are no longer just being spent on athletic equipment such as pads, sneakers, clothing, etc… Behind the scenes big data and analytics are being used to protect high valued assets otherwise known as athletes. Organizations in today’s environment must and do think of their athletes as an investment.

Imagine the Miami Heat losing LeBron James for the season due to a torn Anterior Crucial Ligament (ACL) and how much of a financial impact that has on an organization. Though an ACL is no longer a “career ending” injury it is certainly a season ending and potentially career altering one. Not only must you consider the potential loss of stadium attendance, but also the probability that the Miami Heat winning the NBA Championship drops drastically.  Not making the Finals would cost the organization a minimum of revenues from four games and if they were to miss the playoffs altogether it could be up to 28 games. LeBron’s other sponsors such as Gatorade, Sprite, Samsung, and Nike will also be negatively impacted as the will be collectively paying millions of dollars to an individual who is sitting on the bench.  

This pain point is one that companies such as Catapult Sports attempt to alleviate. They are tracking data produced by athletes through wearable devices that is uploaded into their analytics software. Metrics such as force, speed, power, acceleration, etc.. are tracked in attempts to better manage the careers of these expensive investments. Teams such as the Dallas Mavericks, Philadelphia Eagles, AC Milan, University of Oregon, and many other organizations have enlisted the services of Catapult Sports, taking the extra step to gain a competitive advantage.

At the end of the day whether you are a sports fanatic or not it is clear that these leagues are huge moneymakers and the most important pieces are the players. With top notch players being injured financial opportunities are being missed. Why would you risk the potential of giving away free money?


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